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    New Hampton Lofts’ electricity is unusual in that we have our own substation. A commercial feed supplies the sub-station and the supply is then fed to individual apartments via sub-meters. On the up side our large consumption usually means that the price we pay per unit is very competetive. On the down side this means that we have to lock-in to an annual contract so are not able to change electricity suppliers or rates throughout the year. Meters are read, and bills are raised quarterly by the managing agents. (There is a one-off charge for any extra meter reading requested). All of the bills are paid quarterly in advance, so they are estimated (based on a set of ‘seasonal trend’ figures). each bill shows a balancing amount for the previous quarter’s estimated usage, and an estimate of your forthcomming quarter’s usage. if your actual usage is below that estimated, any rebate is knocked off the estimate for the quarter to come.

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