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    Matthew Golder

    I live adjacent to the New Hampton Lofts and every night during during the week and all day during the weekends the residents at the top of the building south west side have excessively loud music and base blurting out. Can someone inside the building or the building management get them to stop I am going to register a noise complaint to the council, it ruins such a nice part of the city.

    Thank you.



    Matthew. It’s coming from one of the pent houses. It’s not good and I’d encourage you to do exactly that. The management company (Heart of England) are on 0121 268 8869 and they would also be a place to lodge your complaint.


    Matthew Golder

    Thanks I will do that, this noise is getting ridiculous. It has been going on all day today and I can still hear it now(11:35PM) I’m two streets over I can’t imaging how loud it must be for people who live in the building.



    Just to confirm, the apartment in question is 103 New Hampton Lofts, 99 Branston Street, B18 6BG.

    I have reported this to Birmingham City Council via their website and I would urge others to do the same. I have also reported it to the managing agents.



    Thanks for that Bond I’m going to report that to BCC in the next few minutes.



    The noise from this party was as bad as the nightclub which was in what is now the Drop Forge. Just reported it to the Council. Thanks for the info.



    Good afternoon,

    We’ve identified the culprit and have informed the letting agent. We have written to him and copies will be sent to landlord and letting agent.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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